Facility Management

Facility Management

Al Gharavi Business Setup is our business dealing with Business Setup & Document Clearance Services

Al Gharavi Business Setup

We have successfully proven an impressive record with servicing clients, business setup services and renewal processes. Our edge value is our strategic partnership with the relevant entities such as Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality, and Waste Management Authority and thus we achieve faster and more efficient processing of all business setup procedures. Al Gharavi has an experienced business consultant team, which brings together a diverse set of skills to address the unique business challenges of companies and individuals. Our experience allows us to support clients on a breadth of wide business issues that concern governmental requirements and approvals. Our consulting professionals propose creative solutions and implementation strategies based on the client’s requirements and inquiries. They provide an efficient and useful management consulting service as to how to search for the right partners or investors, what type of legal business type to establish, or the device strategies for market entry in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole. Setting up a business in the UAE is generally a daunting task. We at Al Gharavi, understand clients’requirements, therefore our pro-active approach in handling assignments ensure project completion within the stipulated time as we value our client’s time and money.

It also needs to be clearly presented, avoiding vague internal references and abbreviations, and structured in such a way that people can quickly find and understand what is expected from them.


  • Experienced team with updated knowledge in UAE Government rules and regulations
  • Experties to understands our client’s requirements.
  • Complete privacy and crystal clear in terms of costs, commitments.
  • Job Delivering in mutually agreed terms.
  • Provide special attention to our clients with dedicated business head.